Everyone's Frontier

Over the last 500 years or so, we’ve been on an extended binge-watch: looking on as great men and women explore the world and deliver unto us new truths, technologies and that thing called progress. This show goes on today, of course, but millions are waking up and playing a more active role. There are no more continents left to discover, but as it turns out, there are vast swaths of uncharted territory on the inside – human capacities (some of which we are only beginning to understand) waiting to be discovered and developed first hand. 

Whether you’re practicing some form of meditation to train the monkey mind, exploring the power of mind and intent to improve health and happiness, or honing your ability to experience light and love on the inside, you should know that you’re at the frontier of human progress – and that this work on the self is making a bigger contribution than you might realize.

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